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For the first time in 20 years Tyree Cooper is again playing in Geneva. In the 6th episode of Rhythm Cycles this legendary DJ– and producer takes us on a journey in time with the real Chicago House tunes from back in the days. We really look forward to have him here for the 3rd Rhythm Cycles party the 17th February in Geneva.

RC Podcast 6 — Tyree Cooper — 11.02.11 by Rhythm Cycles

Hello Tyree! First of all, basic question. What do you think of the evolution of the electronic scene? The Mp3jay’s, digital world, etc.?

It’s all good because too many vinyls can become pretty annoying after a while or many years of carrying them.

Let’s talk about your gear, do you still work with analogue synths & drum machines ? What was your first set up? Do you have a favourite machine?

My first set up was just my Akai MPC3000 and a Kawai 11 Keyboard.

You moved to Berlin, what’s your impresisons of this city? How do you feel living in their, don’t you miss Chicago, friends, family?

I love living in Berlin with it’s increasingly multicultural atmosphere and also being at the center of so much attention, as far as music and night life.Yes i will always miss my family and friends,but this a brand new experience.

Few words about Supa Dupa Records, your label. When and why did you build it? How is it working now?

It’s a today House label with a yesterday style and Chicago House Sound, As far as it goes, anything in this music selling climate is on a bit shakey ground but i am maintaining.

Have you ever played in Geneva? What do you know about the swiss scene? More precisely the scene in the french speaking part (Geneva/Lausanne and so…)?

I think the last time i was in Geneva was in 1988 or 89, and i was doing my Hip-House thing live on stage, so I couldn’t recognize what language they were speaking i just know when they spoke english to me it sounded strange with a funny accent.

Besides being a DJ, a producer and a label owner, what are your hobbies?

Too many to mention.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you do?

Probably a High School basketball coach.

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