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For our 13th episode we have label-boss and record collector Underground Paris with us. In this podcast he brings us a nice little selection of some of his favourite records — from dutch film music passing over 68-style rock to 70′s soul music. Thank you so much for giving us this insight of your record collection.

RC 13 — Underground Paris — 19.07.2011 by Rhythm Cycles

Alright here we go, so as some of you know, I manage a Deep House label focused on the ‘early 90′s New Jersey’ vibe (that’s called My Love Is Underground). Besides that I have an interest into loads of different music styles and it’s been some years now that I started diggin into Rare Grooves, le’ts try to describe that by ‘any kind of good music made mostly in the 70′s’…

The usual way after House is to focus on Disco, I like Disco but I’m not that crazy about it to be honest. What I’m doing now is just collecting loads of different things, things I just like. I’m just following my heart, I’m not trying to imitate X or Y famous record collector. So my collection goes from Contemporary (such as Steve Reich) to Psych & Prog Rock, Brazilian music, Soul, Nigerian Funk, Spiritual Jazz, Fusion, whatever, it doesn’t matter, as long as this is good.

Most of the stuff I’m into is not danceable, can’t really play it in my sets in clubs, unfortunately.
So what I’m doing for that musical side is just publishing selections over Soundcloud, playing one track after the other: there’s no reason to try to blend anything in there, the aim is just to present tracks just like a playlist on a radio.

So here’s an exclusive one for you guys at Rhythm Cycles. Hope you can enjoy some tracks!
— Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’

00’00″ Starting with a dutch soundtrack (movie’s called Wat Zien Ik), LP that I found in Athens in January this year. A bit of a weird find, dutch record in greece, don’t you think?

01’05″ The St. John Baptist Church Youth Choir, from Tacoma (Washington) directed by Eloise Glenn Oh, What A Difference, privately pressed. There’s one famous seller on ebay called Caverndiscos, I’m always listening to his list of auctions there’s always great things to discover. Recently this guy sold a copy of the Arthur Verocai album for 5100$, which will remain like a mighty auction and make me forever appreciate the (much much cheapest) price I paid for it! Anyway, he also lists cheap and off-the-radar things, that Gospel LP made in the Washington state was one of those and I’ve been the only one bidding on it. I’m not a Gospel specialist, never dug into that, not been helped by the fact I’m atheist, to be honest… But afterall, this is good music, I’m trying to not to focus on the lyrics! I just like this little one and the sleeve is really nice. By the way, that solo at 3’40″ is completely wrong, ahah.

6’25″ Let’s go back to music properly recorded in a studio! American guitarist Earl Klugh on Blue Note with Living Inside Your Love, 1976. Beautiful track out of a cheap album (check Felicia too). I just love Blue Note in the mid 70′s, got almost everything they released in that period. Sorry for that noise at 6’35″, I need to change my old mixer, I know!

11’52″ I heard this tune in a DJ Muro mix back in 2009? I think, and never could identify it, until a spanish guy called Alejandro contacted me on Facebook some months ago and gave me the ID. (The track was on my Youtube channel under Track ID Please!) Gracias amigo! This is Morris Dow And Eastern Sound – Black Child on Dee Dee Records, from Baltimore, Maryland, and this is a killer 7inch.

15’20″ Air – Jail Cell – Embryo Records, 1971. Not to be confused with the french band called Air, of course. Reaching another level, the kind of album I know I’ll keep forever, this is pure class. My man Rickard Masip in Stockholm gave me the tip for this one, he exactly knows my taste so from time to time he gives me advices and I always end up trying to get what he told me about. Rickard has been working for 10 years at Record Mania, the best record store in Europe, so can you just imagine how many great records he heard? I don’t even wanna think about it, that’s insane! Well I just had to pay him a tribute as he’s my mentor and good friend.

20’21″ This is Ivan Lins and I love this guy so much. There’s such a high level of emotions in this one. Man, this is what I call music!

24’27″ Another track from the fantastic Air LP (see above).

28’08″ Nice little record I brought back from Stockholm in March. Big up Mattias for allowing me digging in that closed basement! Malo – Ascencion, Jorge Santana is involved here. I wouldn’t say this is fantastic or this is killer or whatever, but this is definitely solid and worth 10 swedish kroners!

32’08″ Los Chikichaka El Chikichaka from Uruguay, 1977! 500 copies only, each one is numbered, mine is #144 and is absolutely Mint! Discovered this band thru the great Obsession compilation on Bully Records (focusing on latin/brazilian psych).
So I was looking forward the track called Musica Mulata, that is on the comp – (http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF374281-01-02-04.mp3 ) but when I received the wax at home I discovered loads of other very good tracks! Well I purchased it directly to an uruguayan dude on Ebay for really cheap without being aware it was sought after and rare. I had a good luck on this one, this doesn’t happen so often. There’s no other choice than dancing and smiling with such a tune!

35’52″ The Seeds – 900 Million People Daily (All Making Love), 1968. Makes me wanna live in that era…

40’02″ The 6 Degree South – Loving You « Us To Far Out » on Fryer Mantis Records
You know usually I don’t buy reissues: if the original is impossible to find or too expansive, I’m just trying to get a MP3 or I just save it to my favourites on Youtube if it’s on here. Don’t want reissues to take space in my collection. I know this is a bit stupid but that’s it, I’m a nerd just like most of the record collectors.
I made an exception for this tune though, well when I read this I understood I would probably never find an original copy so I just satisfied myself with this Fryer Mantis issue…
« A nomadic group (The 6 Degree South), spending most of the 70s playing one-nighters at military bases and residencies at ski lodges (!) with no real home-base – the band had previously been classed as impossible to locate. Funk DJs and collectors had been on their trail for over a decade when a chance phone call in 2009 found a member living in Atlanta. Which brings us to the legitimately licensed and uber-anticipated reissue of this genre-defining deep funk jewel, here at long last it’s the Six Degree South! »

43’02″ Very nice little funky 7inch on Morrhtyhm Records (this label is mostly known for the great Bob Chance It’s Broken). Chapter II – Dance, Dance, Dance.

46’30″ Ok some heavy stuff right now, that’s the last masterpiece (call that ‘grail’ if you want) that joined my crates (& that was back in March), Pat Stallworth – Questions (Pt.1) on Fly-By-Nite, out of Ohio. Killer, Barry White-like, I was getting crazy when I discovered that in a Florian Keller compilation (Creative Musicians, dope comp). Been spotting that reference on Ebay, the record did not pop up until June 2010 while I was on vacation in Montenegro… Seen the Ebay mail when I got back in Paris and could not believe such a lack of luck. You look for a damn record everyday, and it comes for sale online during the only week of the year when you’re not behind a computer! So I had to wait until march of this year to get a copy. Beautiful record

50’06″ The After Hours – Love Affair. Don’t feel like writing for this one, this is just dope.

52’55″ Lucy Stone – Giving Love Instead Of Gold. Big up to Jared aka JBX from Big City Records in New York. Same as above, no comment, just enjoy…

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