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Yo Folks! Our 14th Podcast brings us to Madrid to discover the new post-rave-dub-techno scene leaded by Esperanza’s label main figure Papol. Guided by Moritz Von Oswald’s musical legacy, his love for nature, minimalistic (but definitely efficient) studios and long time friends (aka Kasper, Franco Cinelli, Jorge Savoretti), our talented spanish mate answered to our few questions… Wanna know more about it? Follow the swiss guide…

RC 14 — Papol — 20.09.2011 by Rhythm Cycles

Holà Papol ! Such a pleasure to have you here on RC. You have been running that hot, deep & dub label called Esperanza for some time now. Could you tell us about it? How did it begin & who’s involved? Genevan people know Kasper for his DJ-sets at Weetamix. Are you kind of best friends?

First of all, thank you for this space and let me speak about our projects, even more speaking about me. Esperanza is a project initially started by Kasper and me in 2005, we pretended to offer the music that we used to mix at clubs, giving our own view of electronic music at that time. We’ve been adding great artists and friends along time, like Dario Zenker, Franco Cinelli and Jorge Savoretti, achieving a nice place among electronic music. Kasper and I have an exceptional relation both in professional and personal life, and always had compenetrated very well.

Most of Esperanaza’s tracks are very dubby. Is there any connection with reggae? Is it a style you like? Do you have other non-techno influences?

Esperanza is a label that hasn’t followed the musical trends for a long time, we always have released music that we thought might add something else to the electonic music scene. In this case, we’ve been Dub music lovers for a very long time, it’s the music that we’ve been listening with our friends. Artists like Mark Ernestus, Moritz Von Oswald were always a big source of inspiration. Techno music was always present in my performances, my beginnings with electronic music were at illegal raves at Madrid’s metropolitan areas. We mixed techno with small power resources and we were always focused on the music, which is the most important thing in my opinion.

We know you’re from Madrid and we also know that Spain is going through some heavy crisis lately. How does it affect the electronic underground scene? How does it affect you personally?

Spain is living a critical moment economically and that’s hit many aspects of life, including electronic music. For example, there are less underground clubs in Madrid where the most important things are dancing and musical innovation. I think that Madrid has lost that, and became a place where clubs rosters are always the same, and local DJ’s and producers aren’t given an opportunity to perform.
I think that there will be a change soon and we’ll go back to the origins of clubbing, like it should be.

Alright, we all love techno & parties but life is not all about it, isn’t it? Any other passions? Favorite sport? Basically, what do you do when you’re not working on your tracks, for your label or DJ’ing?

I love sports, specially surfing. Surfing gives me the equilibrium and disconnection from electronic music that I need, as I cannot do it always (we don’t have sea in Madrid), I’m happy doing some mountain bike excursions along the year. I’m definitely happy enjoying nature, listening to it, and watching it.

It’s basic RC question time! Could you tell us about your studio & secret producer weapons?

Well, I basically work in a digital studio integrated with an Imac 24″ with Logic Pro 9. Although I work with many DAW systems, Logic is my favourite and I feel really comfortable when I work with it. I have a Tascam digital mixer to control MIDI, a MIDI keyboard and a Genelec speakers system. Acoustics and the sound of the speakers are really important factors to develop good music, it’s one of the most important things in my opinion.

Swiss question for a spanish DJ: Any DJ/producer/Label or Club you specially like in Switzerland?

As a DJ and producer I always have been fan of Deetron’s sound, I always got surprised by producers like Agnes, Chaton and Azuni recently. Labels? Cityfox’ work is very interesting, they haven’t lost their musical identity and I love that, the first Morris/Audio releases were great, as the 3 first releases from a very trendy label like Cadenza.

Ok, last one: You just had a crush on a girl and you really want her to feel the same for you… She’s about to leave the club and you just have the time to play ONE track to seduce her. Which one are you picking?

Good question and really difficult to answer. Any track from Esperanza’s catalogue would be perfect for that moment.

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