RC 17

Our next podcast is all about « god-damn-early-jersey-house-from-the-nineties » Remember Brandon Walsh, Dylan MacKay, Parker Lewis, Tom Hanson? Well, they probably spent the most of their parties dancing to these ruff and tuff MPC beats. This mix is delivered by Mark Matsuki aka Zukie173 aka Our Special Agent from Bern aka (half) Jagged. This guy is a serious digger and a raw-warm pattern specialist. Press play, enjoy the show.

RC 17 — Zukie 173 — 22.08.2012 by Rhythm Cycles

Hello Marc! Let’s start with the obvious question: when did you start the Jagged project and who are the guys you’re working with?

Hi everybody! End of 2006 my friend Sandro (Smat aka Jay Sanders) asked me to get creative into producing with him. You know we had already been spinning records for years in Switzerland and abroad and I said quickly yes for doing something else. To make a step further.

I used to be a drummer and percussionist but never played with electronic instruments before. So I was into it and buyed a MPC 2500 shortly after that.One month later we met up with Benfay in his huge studio and began to produce. I mean he had every machine that you can imagine, a dream!

Ok, but who’s Marc? Don’t tell us you just like music and live in a cave! Any other passions?

Well, i’m from the old school, Bienne City. Started listening to Hiphop then Funk, Acid Jazz, etc etc Since age the of 17 I collect records in all genres of soulfulness. That’s why I don’t drive a Porsche but you know, but, if you listen to quality music it makes you look sexy too. I work 1 day a week in a recordstore, 3 days in an office and 1 day in the studio so far. During the summer and winter I do a lot of sports.

You’re residing Bern, Switzerland’s capital. Could you describe us the cultural and night life which is going on your city?

If you’re in Bern please visit « Kapitel » and « Dachstock @ Reithalle ». The 2nd one is very know for it’s massive soundsystem. But you know I’m a free man, I like to travel a lot, going to other cities checkin’ other DJ’s – I’m quite open!

Let’s got back to the start, when did you start producing?

I started to produce With Jagged in 2007. I’m slowly adding more and more equipement for my own little studio.

A bit of nerd talk, what is your studio set up? When did you buy your first synth and which was it?

My first Synth was a Juno 106 buyed for 100.- on a flea market in 2008 My setup at the moment is: Akai MPC, Acidlab Miami, Novation BassStation, Oberheim Matrix-6 R, Nord Rack, Nord Electro Rack, Megapole Lite Lowpass, TLAudio Fat Track, Ableton 8, KRK Boxes & Headphones

Are you working on any solo releases?

You know, Benfay was very busy with other projects so we decided to split and now Sandro and me are Jagged. At the moment we produce more deep-house than tech-house. Just following the feeling, goin’ back and forward. I already have some own projects in the pipeline under a secret artist name, be prepared to smell vinyl in the coming autumn/winter…

What’s your feeling about the old, the new and the future Swiss scene?

Can’t tell you in a few words, it’s a very hard question. But I’m very happy that there are so many talented kids out there dropping science in producing with the respect to the old school sounds from New York, Chicago and Detroit. And not to forget the organizers, without you there where no parties!

Standard question: You’re alone on an Island and a crazy genius tells you that you can only pick 3 records. What would be your selection?

Ouff, are you really asking that question? Man, I have 8000 records – it’s not easy to judge!

a) Cortex « Troupeau Bleu »
b) Numbers « Savety In Numbers »
c) Azymuth « Azimüth »
d) iPod with « 1’000 House Trax from the ’90″

Peace yo, thank you for the good spirit! Zukie

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