RC 18

This time we’re heading up north, Copenhagen to be more precise. This mix features Mike – our lovely friend and fellow digger. In this episode he gets us going with a mix full of vibes perfect for the season, whether it’s for dancing or sitting by the fireplace. Værsgo…

RC 18 — Mike — 02.11.2012 by Rhythm Cycles

I’ve wanted to post a mix with Mike for a while. Mike and I started knowing each other with a big interest in music, an interest that has kept growing ever since. He is one of the guys behind the great « The Boogie at the Opera » parties in the village of Christiania in Copenhagen as well as the « Love Lessons » parties. First it’s all about bringing DJ’s to Copenhagen. DJs who otherwise never would have made it to the Danish capital and second of all it’s all about people having a good time. In this mix Mike gives you a taste of his favorite records at the moment, deep Copenhagen vibes. He got hands on a lot of these records thanks to the great Pac of Can Records in Copenhagen, yo.
– Marx

Upcoming gigs:

The UK Boogie at The Opera w/ Sean P and Marx
Operaen, Christiania, Copenhagen

The Tea Dance w/ Gordy Zola and Marx Freud
Trattoria da Luigi
Stoke Newington, London

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